Board handling: Qveyor PTC-460 Inspection conveyor

Recently acquired Qveyor PTC-460 inspection conveyor in excellent condition.
Vintage: 2015

Description: Suitable as a link between SMT machines, The Qveyor PTC-460 can be used as a visual inspection station for quality assurance. or as a stop for manual assembly before sending it off to the next stage of production.


  • Sturdy and stable design
  • High quality ESD conveyor belt for longest lifetime, easy to replace.
  • special guiding mechanism installed at the entrance and exit of this unit for smooth and stable operation
  • Smooth and parallel width adjustment
  • SMEMA compatible
  • Available with Auto Conveyor Width Adjust

Qveyor PTC-460 Specifications

Model PTC-460
PCB size (in mm) 80 x 50~510 x 460
Conveyor height (in mm) 920±20
Dimension (mm) 900 (L)
630 (W)
1800 (H with lampholder)
Weight (kg) 65 ~ 170
Conveyor speed 0.5 ~ 20 m/min or specify
Power requirements 1 Phase 220V max 150VA
Board thickness Min.0.6 mm

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