Board handling: Qveyor PTG-460 PCB invertor

PCB Invertor

Function: This unit is used to invert PCBs (180°) for “double-sided” SMT process application.

■ Built-in rotary mechanism to ensure highest level of safety.
■ Sturdy and stable design.
■ User friendly “touch panel” control panel.
■ Smooth and precise rotation.
■ Smooth and parallel width adjustment.
■ SMEMA compatible.
■ Available with Auto Conveyor Width Adjust

PTG-460 specifications

Size L
Model PTG-460
PCB Size (mm) 80 x 50 ~ 510 x 460
Conveyor 940mm to 965 mm
Dimension (mm) 690 (L)
920 (W)
1250 (H)
Weight (kg) 150
Cycle Time ≈ 8 seconds
Power Supply 1∮220V, Max.200VA
Board Thickness Min.0.6 mm

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