AOI inspection: Viscom S3088-II AOI

Recently acquired Viscom S3088-II AOI in great condition.
Vintage: 2008

Machine specifications are as follows:
Camera technology
Orthogonal camera module 8M-CBW (white LEDs)
Field of view: 57.6 x 43.5 mm
Resolution: 23.4 µm (standard), 11.7 µm (high) switchable with OnDemandHR
Number of mega pixel cameras: 4
Angular view camera module
Resolution: 16.1 µm (standard), 8.05 µm (high) switchable with OnDemandHR
Number of mega pixel cameras: 4, 8 (option)
User interface: Viscom EasyPro3D/EasyAuto
VPC: Viscom VPC (statistical process control), open interface (option)
Verification and repair station: Viscom S6002 HARAN
Remote diagnosis: Viscom SRC (option)
Programming station: Viscom PST34 (option)
Analysis computer
Operating system: Windows®
Processor: PENTIUM® processor technology
PCB handling
PCB dimensions Max. 450 x 350 mm (17.7″ x 13.8″) (L x W)
PCB support: Optional
Transport height: 850 to 960 mm ± 30 mm
Width adjustment: Automatic with set-up Handling unit Gantry system with synchronous linear motors
Transport concept: Single track transport
PCB clamping: Electrical
Upper clearance 35 mm
Lower clearance 40 mm (50 mm optional, without stopper and PCB support)
Inspection speed
20 – 40 cm2/s
Other system data
Interfaces: SMEMA, SV70, customer specific
Voltage/Air: 400 V, 50/60 Hz,
consumption: < 3 kW
System dimensions: 1000 x 1350 x 1620 mm (39.4″ x 53.1″ x 63.8″) (W x D x H)
Weight Max.: 900 kg (1984 lbs)

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