Reflow: Mistral 260

Making its re-entry in our product range, The ever popular Mistral 260.
A perfect fit for small to medium production lines, the Mistral series convection reflow soldering systems uses re-circulated hot air to accomplish reflow at much lower temperatures than IR systems. Using constant, even heating, a great variety of board sizes will reach reflow temperature with the same heat profile. By eliminating set-up time your production line can work to its fullest capacity. “Environment friendly” is more then just a catch to the Mistral designers. With reduced energy consumption and carefully controlled air-flow and exhaust systems, your plant will only benefit from its introduction.


  • Suitable for single sided as well as double sided pcb’s.
  • Easy processing through the 5.7″ LCD touchsreen with an intuative user interface
  • Forced air convection provides uniform heating and prevents shadowing.
  • 3 zones with maxium temperatures up to 300°C. Can be used for lead free soldering
  • Optional cabinet available
  • Visual inspection of reflow process through top glass
  • Two detachable thermocouples for measuring substrate temperatures.
  • Control by RS232 connection is available


Dimensions : 1540 x 570 x 340 mm (Without optional cabinet)
Power requirements : Single phase, 220VAC, 16A, 50-60Hz
Max. power consumption : 3600W
Max. PCB size : width 250mm, height 25mm
Conveyor : stainless spring wires. Speed from 4 to 60 cm/min.
Length process chamber : 830mm
Zones : 4, preheat Z1 (285mm), Z2 (300mm),  reflow (Z3 = 245mm) and cooldown (300mm)
Control : 5.7″ full color LCD (640 x 480) touchscreen with password system option
I/O: USB memory stick, RS232 for USB or legacy. Two thermocouples for measuring profile.
Heat up time : +/- 15min.
Weight: +/- 70 Kg

For further information or a demo, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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