Vapor phase: IBL SLC 509 vapor phase

Recently acquired IBL SLC 509 Vapor phase in excellent condition.
Vintage 2016 (2012 model available on request)
!Note: Current picture is a placeholder, will update with pictures of the actual machine in the near future!


  • 2-chamber Vapor Phase Soldering machine.
  • Lead and lead free soldering with fast changeover.
  • Maximum process window at minimum temperature.
  • Easy and comfortable operation through touch screen monitor for programming.
  • Live temperature profile monitoring, documentation and optimization with IBL Software VP-Control.
  • Rapid cooling system.
  • Observation window into process chamber


  • Machine operation with TFT touch panel.
  • 2 process chamber with internal air-lock seperation
  • Soft Vapor Phase (SVP) mode for soft temperature rise
  • Soft Vapor Temperature Control (SVTC) based process
  • Syncro mode for process reliability
  • Premium solder automatic incl. Internal channels for comfortable temperature measuring and profiling.
  • Observation window into process chamber.
  • Intergrated illumination of the soldering area
  • Monitoring of cooling water temperature
  • Integrated board cooling.
  • Automatic fluid level indicator.
  • Work piece carrier temperature control and compensation.
  • Fluid recovery system
  • Energy management system, incl. Program storage
  • Autoamtic or time controlled soldering process.

Machine dimensions (WxDxH)
1190x1760x1320 MM (46.9”x69.3”x52”)
Maximum board size (WxDxH)
540x340x80 MM ( 21.2” x 13.3” x 3.2”)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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