Reflow: Dima Solano RO-510 Reflow oven

Recently acquired Dima Solano RO-510 Reflow oven in excellent condition.
vintage 2006


  • 4 independent controlled heating zones.
  • Internal cooling zone.
  • Integrated ionizer for ESD safe soldering.
  • DIMAsoft reflow profiler software available.
  • Flux traps to minimize contamination of system
  • Easy to service one way approach heating units.
  • SMEMA interface.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Lead free approved.
  • Built-in reflow tracker in standard software
  • standard 100 programs and 5 profiles can be stored.
  • Optional oven manager software. 


Dimension (L x W x H) : 2750 x 105 x 1420 mm
Conveyor: 500mm wide stainless steel mesh belt and pin conveyor with 5mm pins (3 mm optional)
Product dimension:Mesh: 430MM width, Max 50mm height (incl. components)
Pin conveyor: 25-450mm width, max 25mm height (incl. Components)
Transport speed: 0.05 – 0.8 m/min
Controller: Microprocessor controller for heating and cooling zones, with USB port (for optional Oven Manager Sofware) Speed and temperature profiling controlled via TFT touchscreen or by optional PC
Heating system: Full convection circulated hot air from top and bottom, 4 heatings on top and 1 at the bottom, 1 cooldown zone with 3 cooling ventilators at the end of the process chamber.
Exhaust:The oven uses external exhaust with a required airflow of 1150 m³/h.
Cooling: Radial ventilator at the bottom. 
Heating power: Standard : 17.5 kW (approx. 6 kW after warm-up)
                           with RO-5030 : 19.3 kW (approx. 6 kW after warm-up)
Software License available under SWRO-0340 
User Interface: Standard interface via TFT-display with touchscreen on the oven
                           optional: PC with Oven Manager software
Tunnel length: 1700 mm heated tunnel, 2200 mm proces chamber 
Power: 3 phase 380 / 420 Volt
Weight: 610-660 Kg (without/with bottom heating)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

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